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Why Cinco de Mayo is Better than St. Patty's Day

One reason why Cinco de Mayo is better than St. Patty's Day is MARGARITAS!

Spring is in the air, and that means a few upcoming holidays are on our radar. Spring break is just around the corner, but our next big holiday on the calendar is St. Patrick’s Day. Green beer, parades, and sauerkraut. Kiss me, I’m Irish tees abound, and everyone is happy for an excuse to party on a weekday. But we’re here to tell you why Cinco de Mayo is a far superior holiday to this faux-religious celebration of a saint who– let’s face it– likely has little to nothing to do with you.

Reason ONE: No one is going to pinch you!

Wearing green or not, no one is going to pinch you during Cinco de Mayo! St. Patrick’s Day traditions involve a weird, seemingly pointless right to pinch those who choose not to wear green on the Irish holiday. I mean, talk about nonsense. Cinco is all about Amigos, celebration, margs, and friends. No violence allowed, dudes.

Reason TWO: Tequila is better than beer!

Let’s talk about green beer for a second. It’s actually kinda gross. Maybe it feels festive and fun, but at the end of the day, who wants to consume extra food dye just for the sake of a party? So for Cinco de Mayo, we keep it natural with delicious tequila! Salt, tequila, and lime the night away, or opt for traditional margaritas to celebrate the better holiday of the two. No one can argue that a little Patrón isn’t far classier than beer plus fast dye GREEN #3.

Reason THREE: Cheese dip or sauerkraut? You choose. We’ll wait.

To put it simply, Mexican food is better than that traditional Irish fare. It just is. Ruebens and kraut take a backseat to enchiladas and fajitas any day of the week, period. You know there’s basically nothing better than cheese dip from Amigo Mexican Restaurant, and no better way to celebrate a holiday than dunkin’ dem chips like there’s no tomorrow.

Who would choose sauerkraut over cheese dip? Oh that's right, no one. Cinco de Mayo is better than St. Patrick's Day!


Reason FOUR: Cinco de Mayo comes with fun hats!

Ok, seriously. Which is more fun? Giant, colorful sombreros with sequins and flair or just wearing green? No contest! Any holiday is only enhanced by the opportunity to wear something festive. Themed outfits are a great addition to any drinking excursion. The 4th brings American flag garb galore. Christmas comes wrapped in ugly sweaters. Cinco de Mayo begs sombreros. And St. Patty’s day? A pop of green? BORING. Plus, green is just not everyone’s color.

Reason FIVE: The REASON for Celebrating!

We’ll admit that with drinking holidays the reason isn’t necessarily paramount. That said, Cinco has a pretty dang cool reason behind it as holidays go. St. Patty’s is all about celebrating Saint Patrick who did who knows what and was important for who knows why. But did you know that Cinco de Mayo is a real underdog story? Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo is not a holiday to celebrate Mexico’s independence. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in remembrance of the Battle of Puebla, in which a way-outnumbered army defeated the French during the French-Mexican War. It was some real good vs evil stuff. A Neville Longbottom stands up to Voldemort type situation. A David and Goliath moment. This particular battle demonstrated Mexico’s ability to defend its sovereignty against those who would seek to compromise it. And let’s get real. Who wouldn’t wanna drink to that?

So, in conclusion, Cinco de Mayo is superior to St. Patty’s Day in many ways. Come drink with us at Amigo, and celebrate all the holidays, real or made up. But the way we see it, March 17th is basically just a pre-game opportunity for the main event– Cinco de Mayo!

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