Five Cinco de Mayo Memes To Help You Look Cool

Some people say that Cinco de Mayo is just an excuse to drink. These people are incorrect. The truth is, every holiday is an excuse to post sick memes that will make you look cool and funny. Internet clout is everything these days, and when the opportunity for a good meme comes along, you must take it to survive in the wild World Wide Web. Who has time to sit around and look for good memes to share, though?

It’s us. We do.

So, here are five impeccable Cinco de Mayo memes to share that will make your friends think you’re cool and get you into the Cinco spirit.

Numero Uno

Sinko De Mayo Meme

A true classic, this ominous jar of mayonnaise inside an otherwise empty sink had to be our first pick for our Cinco de Mayo memes list.

Numero Dos

A particular set of skills meme

I’m pretty sure some Amigo fans have this particular set of skills as well… but don’t worry: the Amigo team has a particular set of skills (and a ton of tequila) that can combat any Cinco de Mayo patrons’ thirst and need for salty chips.

Numero Tres

Excuse meme

It was a ruff day, okay?

(Really though, me? Needing an excuse to drink? Inconceivable.)

Numero Cuatro

Cat meme

It’s lonely out here peddling Cinco de Mayo memes. Y’all better get your act together and start posting these.

Numero Cinco

One shouldn't hurt meme

In our opinion, this is a normal and completely realistic thought. If the tequila says you can do it, you can do it.

(Okay, not really, but this whole blog is about memes and jokes. So maybe don’t actually steal the Declaration of Independence?)

You’ve got your Cinco de Mayo memes; now go get some margaritas!

Take a deep breath and relax. You now have five incredible Cinco de Mayo memes locked down and ready to share once May 5th rolls around, and everyone will think you’re so cool when they see them. There’s no need to thank us for finding these by the way…unless you want to come hang out at Amigo on Cinco de Mayo and buy some margs. We wouldn’t say no to that.

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Until next time, Amigos! We’ve got more memes (and delicious Mexican food) to prepare before Cinco de Mayo.