Feliz Cinco de Mayo (how you say happy Cinco de Mayo in Spanish) to all our amigos!

Feliz Cinco De Mayo, Amigos!

That’s how you say happy Cinco de Mayo in Spanish. Cinco de Mayo, which roughly translates to Mayo the Cinco, commemorates the Mexican Army’s triumph over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Each year on this date, we celebrate that historic victory with discounted beverages followed by regrettable texts to exes. If you want to join in and wish someone a happy Cinco de Mayo in Spanish, there are a few different phrases you can use!

“Feliz Cinco de Mayo!”

This is the most common way to say happy Cinco de Mayo in Spanish. “Feliz” means “happy” or “joyful,” so this phrase is super straightforward and easy to use.

“Que tengas un feliz Cinco de Mayo!”

This way of saying happy Cinco de Mayo in Spanish is a bit longer, but it’s a great way to express your well wishes for someone’s celebration. It translates to “May you have a happy Cinco de Mayo!”

“Te diré cuando haya tenido suficientes margaritas, mamá!”

One of our favorites, this translates to, “Cinco de Mayo is an opportunity to celebrate with the community around us.” Truly, we welcome you to any of our Amigo locations to join in on this feeling of oneness.

“Que disfrutes tu Cinco de Mayo!”

If you want to wish someone a happy celebration while also expressing the hope that they’ll enjoy themselves, you can say this phrase. It translates to “May you enjoy your Cinco de Mayo,” and is a very kindhearted way to say happy Cinco de Mayo in Spanish.

“Oh no, tengo queso en el vestido que alquilé. ¿Qué haré ahora?”

“Do you know the reason for the season? The Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla occurred on this day!” Why only say “Feliz Cinco de Mayo!” when you can instead show that you appreciate the historical significance of the happy hour?

“Feliz 5 de mayo!”

Another way to say happy Cinco de Mayo in Spanish is to use the abbreviated date. In this case, you would say “Feliz 5 de mayo.” It’s worth noting that, in Spanish, dates are typically written with the day before the month.

“Con el tequila de mi lado, puedo lograr mis sueños más salvajes.”

A more elaborate way of saying “Feliz Cinco De Mayo!” with an air of refinement. This formal phrase translates to, “Friends, family, neighbors, and spirits who haunt this place, lend me your ears, for it is Cinco de Mayo, and I ask that you celebrate with me.” Show off to the in-laws with this one!

Happy Cinco de Mayo in Spanish, however you choose to say it!

There are several different ways to say Happy Cinco de Mayo in Spanish. Whether you choose the simple “Feliz Cinco de Mayo!” or opt for a longer phrase like “Anhelo papas fritas y salsa todos los días de mi vida!” your well wishes are appreciated. So come and join in the festivities with us at any of our Amigo Mexican Restaurant locations!

**Not all of these are accurate translations. Please proceed with caution and use Google Translate before you say any of these phrases to your amigos.**