A dish from our Amigos Mexican cocina

The 5 Hottest Meals to Try from Our Amigos Mexican Cocina

Check out our top 5 favorite dishes

When you’re craving a fresh, sizzling plate of deliciousness, the best place to get it is straight from our Amigos Mexican cocina. ‘Cocina’ means kitchen in Spanish, and when you stop at Amigo for lunch or dinner, our cocina is your cocina. We’ve got a menu full of flavor-packed dishes that made the Chattanooga community fall in love with us, but which ones should you try next? We’re listing out our current top 5 favorite menu items to entice you to expand your tastebuds, try something new, and fall in love with Amigo all over again.


The first dish we’re spotlighting from our Amigos Mexican cocina is the one, the only, the legendary: fajitas! Known for its signature sizzle as it leaves the kitchen and heads to your table, fajitas are an Amigo classic. With your choice of meat and mixed vegetables fresh off the grill and served to you in a hot skillet, fajitas are definitely one of our hottest menu items.

Cali Burrito

Next up on the docket is the big and beautiful Cali Burrito. This huge burrito is enough to satisfy anyone with a bottomless pit stomach, and you may even need to ask for a to-go box! With your choice of protein, refried beans, rice, chorizo, and spicy Suiza sauce, it’s no wonder the Cali Burrito made our list of favorites. If you’re looking for your next Amigos Mexican cocina go-to dish, the Cali Burrito is calling your name.

Soggy Tacos

Don’t let this dish’s name give you the wrong impression. Our soggy tacos are one of the most popular meals coming out of our Amigos Mexican cocina! Those who have tried them know – “soggy” may sound a little funny, but these tacos mean serious business. The secret is in the stack: you get two steak tacos with a touch of chorizo, sautéed with pico de gallo and wrapped in two layers of tortillas. The first layer is a soft shell flour tortilla with melted cheese, and the second layer is a crunchy corn tortilla, topped off with a touch of our spicy Suiza sauce!

Enchiladas Suizas

When we’re talking about hot dishes from our Amigos Mexican cocina, we can’t talk about our suiza sauce enough. Creamy, spicy, and irresistible, our Suiza sauce is perfect for those who are ready to take their meal up a notch. That’s why the next dish we’re currently obsessed with is the Enchiladas Suizas. With this dish, you get three grilled chicken enchiladas topped with our suiza sauce and served with rice, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream.

Pollo Loco

If there’s one thing you can rely on, it’s Pollo Loco from our Amigos Mexican cocina. No flash, no frills, and absolutely delicious, our Pollo Loco is like a humble all-star who knows their worth and doesn’t feel the need to brag about it. For many Amigo regulars, our Pollo Loco is the cure for a hard day at work, a celebratory dish for big wins, or a mid-day indulgence just for the heck of it. The magic of Pollo Loco lies in the simplicity of its ingredients: grilled chicken on a bed of rice, topped with our famous Amigo white cheese sauce, and served with three flour tortillas. When you make a list of the hottest dishes at Amigo, you can never leave out this VIP.

Try Out These Hot Dishes from Our Amigos Mexican Cocina

There you have it, folks! Our current top 5 sizzling sensations straight from our Amigos Mexican cocina. Whether you’re a fajita fanatic, a burrito buff, or just looking to spice up your day with some “soggy” tacos (trust us, they’re anything but!), we’ve got something for everyone.

So, why not add a little flavor to your next meal out? Swing by the closest Amigos Mexican cocina near you and try out some of these irresistible dishes. You might just have a new favorite!

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