Movies Chattanooga residents are watching after eating tacos at Amigos

Fill Up On Tacos Before Heading to the Movies in Chattanooga

It’s time for a new movie snack champion. Popcorn has been the reigning king of movie snacks for far too long, and for what? Sure, butter is irresistible, but at Amigo we know what really pleases the crowd – tacos. We’re starting a smear campaign against popcorn to make tacos the star of the show for the movies Chattanooga folks are watching. You may think it’s pretty bold of us to go after popcorn of all things, but hey – someone has got to take down the big man. Forget Barbie vs. Oppenheimer; Popcorn vs. Tacos is going to be the battle of the century.

Popcorn Who?

Hear us out. We know popcorn is beloved by many, but the truth is that it’s basic. Popped kernels of corn smothered in butter may be tasty, but it lacks originality. Tacos, on the other hand, are the epitome of creativity and give you the power of choice and variety. Want hard shells instead of soft? You got it. Chicken, beef, carnitas, chorizo, or just veggies? It’s your call! With tacos, you’re the master of your own snack destiny. Don’t let popcorn hold you back from expressing your creativity and get some tacos before you go see the new blockbuster instead.

Taco ‘Bout Annoying

We all know that terrible feeling while eating popcorn. You’re mindlessly chomping away in the theater until you suddenly feel something get stuck in your teeth. You try your best to get it unstuck but it just won’t budge. Now you can’t even focus on the big screen, and you get so upset that security removes you from the theater…okay, maybe that last part was just our experience. But you know what food won’t result in a kernel stuck in your teeth? Tacos. Get some before or after your movie to avoid a kernel disaster.

Bottomless Pit of Air

It’s too easy to eat tons and tons of popcorn, and yet we never ask ourselves if it’s really worth it. Sure, it can be nice to eat handful after handful, but the fact is that popcorn is just a bottomless pit of air. There is no real substance to popcorn, and it’s a shame that people have clung to popcorn as the ultimate movie snack for so long when it doesn’t even fill you up. Tacos will never leave you empty like that. Get some tacos before your movie and really satisfy your hunger.

Porque No Los Dos?

Okay, okay. After ranting about popcorn vs. tacos, we realize we’re being a bit silly. Why not have both? Stop by Amigo before or after your movie adventure to eat delicious, meaty, cheesy tacos and get some popcorn during the movie. Popcorn will never hold a candle to tacos, but hey, nothing can. If you’re going to watch movies in Chattanooga, make tacos a part of the story at Amigo.