Vote Amigo for Best Mexican Restaurant in the 2022 Best of the Best Awards

It’s baaAAAaack, the Best of the Best Awards from Chattanooga Times Free Press! Your amigos at Amigo Mexican Restaurant would appreciate your vote, so if you haven’t yet please click here to vote. We cannot thank our neighbors like you enough for keeping us in the running for Best Mexican Food year after year. Accolades like The Best of the Best Awards are what convince new amigos to give us a shot, and Amigo is proud to be the favorite Mexican restaurant for many Chattanooga communities. But don’t just take our word for it, here are a couple of reviews from Chattanoogans like you!

Cory H. – “Amigo saved my marriage.”

Amigo saved my marriage. My wife and I went to the Brainerd location and tried your cheese dip as an appetizer. Things had been rough, after years of marriage the magic just fades away. However, after enjoying a basket of chips and warm queso, I looked up and realized she is still just as beautiful as the day I met her. Thank you, Amigo. She is now with child, and his name will be Amigo.

Maddie B. – “I’m a party girl and my girls and I drink at Amigo!!”

I’m a party girl and my girls and I drink at Amigo!! I just turned 21 and my girls asked me “Madz where do you wanna go 2 get ur first drank?” I said “AMIGO OBVS!!!” We squealed at a high-pitch frequency which pierced the sky and had our boyfriends drop us off right then and there!! Thank the lort it was Happy HOUR!!!!!1! Amigo Hixson is THE place to go for margs!!!!!!

Rachel B. – “A Haiku for Amigo”

A Haiku for Amigo

Amigo above
As glorious as a dove
Fajita self-love

To clarify, Amigo’s East Ridge location is a little north of where I live, so that’s why it’s above.

Brock W. – “Good.”


As you can see, Amigo Mexican Restaurant is close to the heart of many Chattanoogans like you. So again, if you haven’t yet, please click here to vote. Thank you, Chattanooga!